Thank You

Hello All,

As we get closer to the end of the year, we want to thank you for the support and encouragement we have had during this last year. Here is a little overview.

We worked with many other service agencies to help victims, survivors, family members, and friends of people who have been trafficked. We have held multiple training opportunities to educate people about the truths about trafficking, taught professionals how to safely engage in assisting victims, and listened to survivors as they processed their reality post-trafficking.

There were people who accepted the help we offered and some that chose other paths. All are in our prayers for a safer and saner year to come.

We are especially grateful to those who have supported our efforts with prayer, volunteerism, and financially.

As we move in to 2018, we ask you to keep lifting us in prayer, please keep engaging in our activities and support us how you feel led.

Please pray especially for the women, girls, and young man we have ministered directly to this year. Also, please pray for our board and volunteers so that they can be bold and courageous in serving the people who need Set Free Dubuque.