Annual Report

Set Free Dubuque 2017 Annual Report

casey_injustice.jpgThe board and volunteers connected to Set Free Dubuque have proven themselves to be dedicated and delightful during this last year. Their energy and prayerful support of this ministry as well as their diligence to duty have created many opportunities to serve survivor, victims, and families of human trafficking and have educated hundreds of people in the Dubuque community and other parts of Iowa and Illinois. The photo above is of Casey Klein. We are so grateful for her years of service on the board and her continued efforts as a volunteer, supporter, and speaker truth. Thank you to all who have made this past year amazing.

Set Free Leadership 2017
Suzanne Wright, Executive Director
Corey Hartbecke, President
Casey Klein, Vice President
Deanna Wille, Treasurer
Rebekah Matthews, Secretary
Chris Wolf, At-Large
Carmen Burds

Set Free Leadership 2018
Suzanne Wright, Executive Director
Corey Hartbecke, President
Open, Vice President
Deanna Wille, Treasurer
Open, Secretary
Chris Wolf, At-Large
John Hagemann, At-Large

CoreyWords from Board President Corey Hartbecke about our budget needs.

We need to grow our budget because there are needs that are going unmet. With more resources we would be able to expand our direct services to victims, survivors, and families impact by trafficking. More funding would enable Set Free to do more education of additional people about human trafficking. We want to teach people before they are victimized so that they will not have to live as survivors. Our 2018 funding goal is $35,000 so that we can hold specialized trainings and provide more care. An anonymous family has pledged a matching gift for the next $800 that is sent in to Set-Free.
Set Free Dubuque exists to proclaim freedom for the captives by educating our community, advocating for survivors, and eliminating the demand for modern-day slavery.

Financial Report

Donations $10, 804
Misc. Income $ 274
Income $11,078
Expenses $ 8,913

We have three basic kinds of expenses: operational, victim support, and compensated volunteer.
Operational Expenses = training and meeting expenses, marketing, printing, advertising
Victim Support = anything needed to assist victims including, transportation, food, clothing, sheltering
Compensated Volunteer = We can not afford to pay for staff at this time, so our executive director is given $400 a month to cover expenses such as mileage, internet, use of office space and personal computer, printing, and cell phone bills for a minimum of 40 hours a month.
If you want to help support the work of Set Free Dubuque, you can send a check to PO Box 81 Dubuque IA 5204 or give electronically by going to

Thank you, Set Free Dubuque.

Whom do we serve?

We serve all who are in need without discrimination of age, ethnicity, faith, or gender. We do this as a calling to love and serve others through our Christian faith. We do not force others to believe as we do.

Example of Services Rendered in 2017

On Christmas morning, I received a call from one of the staff at Hope House here in Dubuque, Iowa, to assist them with someone who called their Catholic Worker House of Hospitality. This sometimes happens if a person is seeking to leave a domestic violence or trafficking situation. That morning I was not certain what the need was, but I called my boss and asked if it would be possible to come to work late if needed. It is hard to judge how long a person will need assistance.
She was not sober, but I do not know if it was because of alcohol, drugs, or both. What I did know was that she was sobbing and needed someone to listen. As I heard her story, I discovered that she wanted to leave town to escape her situation. She also had not eaten in too long and felt she had no where safe to go.
After getting food for her and heading out to leave town, she shared more of her story and explored options she could consider. She even called her family but was not offered shelter and was in fact, was told to return to the abusive situation we were driving her away from. Through more tears and anger and near chain smoking she came to the choice to stay in her situation.
Although the last thing I wanted to do was return her to her circumstances, we offered her more options both in Dubuque and in the city, she had asked to escape to. Unfortunately, she maintained the choice to go back. It is very important to not take control away from someone in this circumstance and so we provided her with as much information as we could have given her impaired state and returned.
We had given comfort, support, sustenance, and warmth on a cold Christmas morning when those she loved did not. Fear of freedom keeps victims staying in their situations. Depending on the kind of trauma one endures there can be many attempts to seek freedom before they actually find it. Being part of the middle of the story can be disheartening because we want to know the people we help are safe. We need to take solace in knowing that they have taken one more step toward freedom.
~ Suzie Wright, Executive Director

Gathering to Set Free

Every month we gather to discuss human trafficking concerns. During the spring we will be meeting at the Grand Harbor Resort on the first Saturday of the month. The dates for April through December may change. Please check out our website for the topic of the month or follow up on Facebook.