2 Posters for 2018 UN World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

Our intern Jamilah has created two posters to promote awareness about human trafficking.


Here is a bit about Jamilah:

My name is Jamilah, and I am a Senior in high school. I started working with Set Free this summer after a family friend Suzie Wright suggested that I volunteer with them. While volunteering I learned much more about the scary world that is human trafficking. The ideas for both posters came from my disbelief when learning the statistics of human trafficking. My poster depicting the girl with a barcode on her neck was to show how people in the trafficking world aren’t seen as humans, they are just numbers ready to work for the highest bidder. The poster with the number of convictions worldwide shows that while Governments and independent organizations are trying to help, they simply aren’t making a large impact. The reality is that humans are being bought and sold all over the world for a variety of disturbing things and it needs to stop.

See them here:

Human Trafficking poster #1

Human Trafficking Poster #2-rev