State funds should not be used to fund trafficking-friendly businesses.  

There is a bill sitting in committee HF 455 in the Iowa House of Representative’s State Public Safety Committee.

It was written as a response from one HR, Chuck Isenhart,  who heard about the dangers of human trafficking in Iowa as someone who wanted to find a way to support the efforts of those seeking to help human trafficking victims and be a good steward of Iowas Public funds.

That HR was joined by another, Lindsay James, and we hope it will grow beyond their efforts, that it will be supported by both parties, because human trafficking is a non-partisan travesty that needs to be stopped.  Because anti-human trafficking efforts matter a lot to Kim Reynold‘s our governor here in Iowa, we hope she gets a chance to see the bill and that she will sign it.

This is not to promote either political party; this is to celebrate those who are helping with the fight against human trafficking.

Below is a link to the bill and a list of the committee members that would need to move the bill forward before March 7th.

The bill is numbered HF 455 and is with the Public Safety Committee.

The members of the Committee are:

If you are inclined, please reach out to these representatives and show you are concerned about this topic.

Here is a link to a video that explains the hotel/motel staff training that is available.