Freedom and Liberty?

Oddly enough, there was little overt patriotism this first week of July 2019. Fewer flags than usual flew this weekend. There weren’t as many patriotic songs on the radio, and even on the 4th of July, there weren’t very many people decked out in red, white, and blue.

My Netflix feed didn’t promote any epic “America is awesome,” films and neither did Hulu. Here in Iowa, the week consisted of relentless fireworks mixed with humidity and heat. Visible patriotism was light, even among the numerous presidential ads.

Are we beginning to question what defines freedom from liberty?
Is American society becoming humble?
How do we achieve freedom for all?
What is the quality of our liberty?

Americans do not enjoy a pristine past when it comes to the concepts of freedom and liberty. Our country is extremely polarized on these issues. Thankfully, many now see human trafficking is unjust. It destroys the fabric of our freedom and inhibits the individual liberty of anyone subjected to the travesty of human bondage.

Even in our bleakest times, ordinary citizens stood for liberty for others. Many sought freedom for those in bondage and restored liberty for the oppressed.

I am honored to know many people who work to set others free from the bonds of human trafficking. They will never have a parade thrown for them. And yet, they deserve celebrations filled with great joy, fireworks, and waving banners.

Learn More About Human Trafficking and how to stop it July 30 6:30-7:30 Convivium Urban Farm 2811 Jackson St, Dubuque, IA Free event with light refreshments Questions? 563.451.7914