About Set Free

Set Free Dubuque is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization, organized in 2014 as the Dubuque Justice League. We are located in Dubuque, Iowa. Our three-part mission is to educate our community, advocate for survivors, and eliminate the demand for modern-day slavery.

We work to fight human trafficking. Our focus is on freedom and restoration for survivors. We want to see healing and wholeness come to people who have been caught up in this injustice.

We seek to educate the tri-state community about the reality of human trafficking both abroad and in our own backyard. Our strategy involves prayer and partnership, knowledge and action.

We need the support of compassionate people like you. Your support will help us to end this injustice and create healing for those whose lives have been impacted by the crime of human trafficking. You are invited to attend our events and support our mission.


As followers of Jesus Christ, we believe in the value and dignity of each human being. Led by the Holy Spirit, we work to liberate, restore, and seek justice for those impacted by human trafficking.


When we serve people, we respect their rights to worship in their own way. When we are holding public events we do not evangelize but when appropriate, we may have a public prayer.

During prayer events and announced worship services, we are inclusive of all Christian denominations likely to be present. The board members are from multiple faith traditions and congregations.